Stone Wall Cladding

Cladding is an art which not many can really do in South Africa. Many builders and developers believe they are capable of doing wall cladding, and to some extent they are, but not always exactly what the customer has in mind. Stone is a great material that fits well in walls because of it’s bulkiness and powerful appearance it gives off.

A wall that has pieces of stone in it that have good placement can look far better than a cheap wooden wall that was done in a couple of hours work. The reason why people stay away from any sort of cladding is because they feel that it might be too expensive, although stone is expensive the prices are not always as bad as they seem.

Stone cladding gives off a great appearance when it is done correctly and the right stones are used. There are different types of cobbles, pebbles and stones which can be used on a wall, and the surroundings of the wall will generally give an indication what colour and type of stones a person should use.

The biggest expense will be the stone that is used in the cladding, but the actual placement of the stones and any building costs are usually not as much as the cost of all the material. There are builders in most cities and towns throughout South Africa that claim to do wall cladding with stones. The best way to get a competent stone cladding company will be:

By asking around one can achieve great results, then it will only be a matter of time before the job can be done in their own home. A wall done with the right stone cladding will leave guests impressed and not to mention make one feel happier about their own home if it meets expectations.